December Holiday Hunt

Directions: Click the links (underlined colored words) to go to a site with the question's answer.

1. What does the Grinch have in his smile?

2. Which President brought the first Christmas tree to the White House?

3. Your Aunt Cindy is collecting the President ornaments from the White House.
There is one for each president. How many ornaments does she have?

4. What is a dreidel?

List three ingrediaents of latkes 5. Name three ingredients used to make latkes.

6. After a visit to Mt. Washington, some wassail is in order.
What is the tradition of the wassail?

7. What are the chances you'll have snow for Christmas?

8. Name two gifts that cost nothing.



9. What is the winter solstice? Another resource

10. How many days long is Kwanzaa?

11. What color are poinsetta flowers? Read carefully!

12. If you have a fireplace, perhaps you will burn a yule log.  What is it?

13. Watch: Saving water for the holidays. What will you do to save water?

14. Where in the world is New Year’s eve celebrated first?

15. How long until the New Year 2009?